Online mats shop for babies

Online mats shop for babies

We want to accompany your baby in their first discoveries, wrap their soft skin with fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also organic and environmentally friendly, protect them from the cold during playtime and learning by providing them with a safe and warm surface with designs full of fantasy and fun.

Discover the Tombarella mat collection!

Unique designs handmade in our workshop in Barcelona.

Can you imagine?

Inspired by things that make us feel good and relax. Soft, warm tones and sweet motifs.

If you love summer, salty skin, sun rays, eating ice cream and swimming in the sea... This is your collection!

En tonos lisos pastel y textura gofrada suave y mullida.

If you are from another planet, you would love to travel to the moon and find an astronaut cat to chat with for a while... This is your collection!

If you love autumn, the smell of damp earth, warm colors and cute little forest animals... This is your collection!

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Do your children spend hours playing on the floor?
Do your children spend hours playing on the floor?

Children love to be on the floor, offer them a cosy, pleasant, safe, insulated from the cold, firm and free space in which to PLAY.

Are you creating an attractive reading corner to encourage children to read?
Are you creating an attractive reading corner to encourage children to read?

Make it easy! Create an attractive space that is inviting, comfortable and cosy. Choose a mat with patterns that he likes so he can lie down or sit quietly and delve into his favourite stories.

Looking for an original gift to celebrate the arrival of a baby?
Looking for an original gift to celebrate the arrival of a baby?

Surprise everyone with a handmade, original and very practical gift that they will be able to use throughout the different stages of their baby and child's life. It is a very versatile mat that offers multiple possibilities: when the baby is small we will have a space in which he will begin to discover the world, make his first movements and develop with total freedom. When the baby becomes a toddler, we will have a perfect corner for quieter games such as construction or puzzles, a space for reading or relaxing, or even for practising somersaults!

Do you want a large play mat or blanket that won't get too small right away?
Do you want a large play mat or blanket that won't get too small right away?

We all know… children grow by the second! That's why the standard size of our mat is designed to be used for a long time. It has a surface of 1.35m x 1.00m, a perfect size to make the first movements in complete safety. It is 2cm high in order to offer a soft but firm surface on which the baby can develop its first movements without interference.

Do you think it is important to provide a pleasant and safe space where your baby can explore freely without worry?
Do you think it is important to provide a pleasant and safe space where your baby can explore freely without worry?

Tombarella mats offer a large, safe and firm space that will accompany your baby in his first discoveries. He will spend many hours comfortably playing, making his first movements and developing freely without barriers or interference.

What is a crawling mat?

An infant play mat is similar to a crawling mat, a firm and secure support, designed to allow little ones to play safely while being encouraged to crawl, roll, roll over and sit up safely.

It is a baby product whose soft, cushioned surface reduces the impact and pressure of their knees on the floor during their activity. In addition, its foam block ensures insulation from the floor temperature and the natural cotton of the cover keeps the baby warm in winter and allows breathability in summer.

What is a crawling mat for?

Crawling mats or play mats can come in different sizes, at Tombarella we have opted for dimensions that allow you to play, lie on them and share moments with your little ones.

This accessory is ideal to provide support against falls and also during the physical agility activities of growing children and while they are learning to walk.

Basically, baby crawling mats are the perfect support to allow babies to develop different physical skills while they are on the ground, strengthen their muscles and discover the environment. A firm enough support to allow them to move freely but still protect them from falling.

With a crawling mat, babies explore the space and perceive objects from a different perspective while staying safe and without risk of falling.

Why choose a Tombarella crawling mat?

Roll-up crawling mat: The tombarella crawling mats are very practical, as they are large and compact when folded and can be taken anywhere with you. They are 2 cm thick and can be easily tied up and transported.

Padded crawling mat: Our crawling mats are ideal for babies who may be too young to spend much time lying on the floor.

Gymnastics mat for babies: Tombarella's play mats are ideal and the most recommended in this case. For the reason of its multiple uses that allow us, the correct development, movement, freedom and learning, of the baby or child.

Evolutive baby mattress: they offer freedom of movement to the baby in its most active stage of growth, just when it is learning to sit, crawl and walk.

Removable baby mat: it brings us many benefits, you can wash them comfortably in the washing machine, where we will get a new carpet after each wash.

Ecological crawling mat: Made of 100% cotton, they are certified to not harm the baby's skin, it is a cotton of sustainable origin and the soft and fluffy foam is also certified with the OEKO-TEX standard and they have a design that brings style to the baby's room.

Thick crawling mat: Our model is ideal for when little ones are starting to get up off the floor and require surface support to cushion falls.

Montessori baby mats: They are focused on offering the best for your baby in their playtime, they are characterised by offering freedom of movement and a play space, while learning develops in it.

Foldable crawling mat: our crawling mat is ideal for storage and storage without taking up too much space, easy to fold, compact and discreet storage, ideal for transport and for rooms with little space.

Large crawling mat: Our crawling mats measure 135x100cm, a size that allows you to play and spend time in the company of your baby without hindering their movements.

Benefits of a crawling mat

You are probably wondering what are the benefits of buying a Tombarella padded crawling mat. These are just a few of the many advantages that this children's accessory will bring you:

— He will be safer than in bed, free from the risk of falling, especially if he is already learning to crawl.

— He will have a different perception of objects, with which he will be constantly stimulated to discover his surroundings.

— You will be able to have him closer and under supervision if you are in a place other than the bedroom.

— You and the rest of the family can lie down on the carpet and play with the baby.

— By staying in contact with the solid surface, they will have the necessary stimulus to learn to crawl without hurting themselves, and then learn to walk.

— The manufacture is handmade, we take care of every detail and we produce them in Barcelona.

— They are made of 100% cotton with certifications that guarantee your baby's safety.

— Unlike the foamy crawling mat models, our mat guarantees breathability thanks to its foam block and cotton cover.

Designed with the best materials to create a safe baby crawling mat.

You can find rugs made of different materials, but the models designed in fabric are made of 100% cotton, which is soft, environmentally friendly and healthy for the baby.

Although natural fibres are recommended, those that provide a rustic texture are not recommended for the constant rubbing of the baby's skin, nor to stay long on them. It has been decided to use cotton because it insulates from the cold in winter and allows natural perspiration in summer.

"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein
THE Play Mat

It is important to us that our products have the least impact on the environment.

Sustainable materials

For this reason we work with Oeko-tex and GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics and create small exclusive collections.

Conscious production

We are committed to local production and work with local suppliers to generate the minimum possible impact.

Skin friendly for your baby's skin

The mats are Oeko-tex certified, a quality seal that guarantees the use of skin-friendly and environmentally friendly materials.

Conscious packaging

We are aware of the amount of waste generated and try to contribute by using 100% recyclable packaging in our shipments.

We create collections with unique designs for the little ones.


We work by hand in our small workshop in Barcelona. Our pieces are unique and are made one by one with care and dedication.

Thematic collections

The mat should be a space to have fun, play, grow and dream, that's why we create themed collections with universes full of magic and fantasy so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes, style or interests.

Unique designs

At Tombarella we love the idea of surrounding ourselves with beautiful things, which is why design is a fundamental part of our product. We create small collections from scratch with our own patented fabrics.

Design without stereotypes

We try to work with collections that invite you to have fun, with colours, motifs and themes for everyone.