Advantages and disadvantages of foamy crawling mats

There are many alternatives when it comes to choosing a crawling mat, the most common materials are eva rubber or foamy mats and foam mats with a cotton fabric cover. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them so that you can decide which is the best option for you.

Children’s play mat by Tombarella

Benefits of a foamy crawling mat

Babies will not only perceive the environment from a different perspective from the floor, they will also be in contact with vibrant colours that will attract their attention and stimulate their sensory activity.

An advantage of the foamy crawling mats is the possibility of adapting their size and shape according to the space available to spread them on the floor, as these mats are made up of puzzle-style pieces and can be complemented with other mats that have attractions and accessories for the baby to distract and play with.

Disadvantages of a foamy crawling mat

Some disadvantages that characterise Foamy carpets are that they are made of a non-toxic, but not organic or sustainable material. In the case of Tombarella we are committed to the care of our environment, using 100% sustainable materials.

In the case of transport and storage it is somewhat more complex and cumbersome than in the case of smooth, roll-up Tombarella mats. Because the puzzle system Foamy is more fun to assemble and disassemble, it does not allow changing designs, colours or patterns as easily as the removable mats, it is more rigid and less enveloping and soft than a mat, especially for the first months of life, it can break or tear more easily.

A play area with two cushioned play mats, the ideal solution

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Having both play mats as a play area is one of the ideal solutions if you have the budget and the space. It would be an ideal element for large play areas and then you could create different environments within it where the play mat could be a complementary element to the padded floor.
However, if we have to choose one, the ideal solution is a large foam play mat like the one we sell at tombarella.

Care of a foamy crawling mat

Thanks to their low absorbency, these mats can be cleaned instantly with a soft cloth in case of spills and liquids. Ideally, avoid using chemicals or abrasives that may come into contact with the baby or damage the carpet material.

On the other hand, if the instructions for use and cleaning of your rug allow it, you can soak them in a tub of water and rub them gently to remove stains and dirt.