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Cushioned crawling mats are the perfect choice for those who want to feel at ease when putting their little one down on the floor, but are aware that they are leaving them on a comfortable, soft surface.

Characteristics of a cushioned crawling mat

Characteristics of a cushioned crawling mat

What points should we bear in mind?


These mats are ideal for small babies and children. For babies, they provide maximum protection from any bumps or falls and keep them safe at the stage when they are learning to crawl and stand up. And for children, who love to be on the floor, they offer them a cosy, pleasant, safe, cold-insulated, firm and free space in which to play.


It is a very versatile mat that offers multiple possibilities: when the baby is small we will have a space in which he/she will begin to discover the world, make the first movements and develop with total freedom. When the baby becomes a toddler, we will have a perfect corner for quiet games such as construction or puzzles, a space for reading or relaxing, and they will even be able to practice somersaults!

Create a reading corner

Choose a rug with a pattern that they like so that they can lie down or sit quietly and delve into their favourite stories. This will create an attractive, inviting, comfortable and safe reading space.

Find an original gift

Surprise everyone with a Tombarella mat, handmade with lots of love in Barcelona, original and very practical, which they will be able to use throughout the different stages of growth.

Benefits of buying a cushioned baby mat

Benefits of buying a cushioned baby mat

Types of padding

Tombarella mattresses are filled with a medium-hard foam mattress padding, 2 cm thick, with a soft but firm surface that provides stability for the baby, so that he can spend many hours playing comfortably.


Tombarella’s padded mats provide total safety for the little ones:

· Reduces noise levels and impacts against the surface, protecting them from falls and bumps.

· Younger babies can share the mat with older children, maintaining safety and peace of mind for everyone.

Easy to clean.

One feature of the mat is that the covers are removable so that they can be washed in the washing machine, where we will get a new mat after each wash. But we must bear in mind that they are made entirely of cotton and, therefore, tend to shrink during washing, so it is advisable to use the washing machine with cold water. On the other hand, the inner cover should be dry cleaned, not put in the washing machine.

Skin friendly for your baby’s skin

Tombarella mattresses are Oeko-tex certified, a quality seal that guarantees the use of skin-friendly and environmentally friendly dyes.

Sustainable materials

At Tombarella we work on the basis of sustainability and respect for the environment, which is why the fabrics we use are made of organic cotton and are Oko-tex and GOTS certified, where we create small exclusive collections.

Attractive designs

At Tombarella it was clear to us that design was an essential part and that is why we create from scratch small collections with our own patented fabrics and try to work with collections that invite to fun, with colours, motifs and themes for everyone. As well as being a decorative element, it is also important to choose pieces that we like and that fit in with the decoration. We should avoid elements that distract or overstimulate the baby. It is better to have a smooth and wide surface that allows him to move freely and to add toys, materials and elements for him to explore and rotate them.

Is it advisable to buy a padded crawling mat for my baby?

Is it advisable to buy a padded crawling mat for my baby?

For your and your baby’s peace of mind, it is always advisable to buy a crawling mat. A firm surface such as a crawling mat will not hinder baby’s first steps while helping to protect against falls and insulate from the cold.

Care and storage for cushioned crawling mats

Care and storage for cushioned crawling mats

The tombarella mats are baby crawling mats made of 100% cotton, you can put them in the washing machine on cold and the outer cover will come out as good as new. The inner cover is water repellent and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or dry cleaned.


Inspired by things that make us feel good and relax. Soft, warm tones and sweet motifs.

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