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With a thick crawling mat, babies will stay safe and secure, safe from accidents, as the thickness of these mats cushions and minimises impacts and bumps. 

Characteristics of a thick crawling mat

Characteristics of a thick crawling mat

The mats are made of a 2 cm foam block and 100% cotton fabric with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification is used on the outside.

The mats are 2 cm thick, ensuring that children of different ages can lie comfortably and safely on them.

Thick crawling mat vs. thick mat

Thick crawling mat vs. thick mat

Tombarella mats are comfortable enough for children to lie on without getting cold and, at the same time, for children who are learning to crawl and stand up to have enough firmness to avoid stumbling during their movements.

Characterised by being comfortable, non-slip, safe and comfortable, as well as having a firm but soft surface that is ideal for avoiding the sound of toys on the floor.

This type of mats protect the baby by cushioning the impact of his body when he falls, protecting his knees, hands and wrists from possible blows or injuries.

Types of fillings and thicknesses

Types of fillings and thicknesses

Tombarella’s mats are filled with a soft surface and wrapped in an organic and environmentally friendly fabric cover. At Tombarella we opt for high quality foams that offer us a firm and stable surface, but at the same time provide us with a space to have fun, play, grow and dream.

Benefits of thick crawling mats

Benefits of thick crawling mats

Suitable thicknesses for different activities

Children love to be on the floor, offer them a cosy, pleasant, safe, insulated from the cold, firm and free space in which to play. For this reason, Tombarella mats offer a wide, safe and firm space that will accompany your baby in his first discoveries. They will spend many hours comfortably playing, making their first movements where they will awaken their curiosity, strengthen their skills and develop freely without barriers or interference.

The thickness of our mats and their advantages and possibilities of use.

Tombarella mats offer a soft but firm surface of 2 cm high, so that the baby or child can develop without interference and thus ensure that children of different ages can stay on them comfortably and safely.

In addition to being considerably thicker for better shock absorption, they also have a surface that maintains the temperature and prevents the cold.

The possibility to stack several mats and create wonderful play corners in the playroom.

Tombarella play mats can reach the desired thickness and can even be varied according to the activity you want to do. Through the option of stacking them together, you can create wonderful play corners, such as a reading area, sports, crawling, puzzles, music, rest, etc.

The thick Tombarella mats are the ideal option, because you can separate them and stack them together in the baby’s room and thus be able to use them decoratively or store them in a space you have available for this purpose.

Storage of thick crawling mats
Storage of thick crawling mats

Our mats can be easily stored as they are easy to fold and once folded they take up very little space. For more information about folding, please click here.


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